Thinking Aloud

April 14th, 2017 by Dr. Bill Wassner

As I walked through the local IGA grocery store this afternoon, my thoughts were swirling around the Passion of Christ on this Good Friday and how after so many years of ministry I still feel inadequate to express the depth of both my feelings and its significance for our world.  As I sit here now reflecting on our evening worship and the events of the past many days – natural disasters, terrorist attacks, chemical bombings, cruise missiles, passengers being hauled off of airplanes, the dropping of the MOAB, among others – and I recall a T-shirt worn by a young girl in IGA which read, “I Run My Own Life.”  With all due respect to that young girl, isn’t that the human problem in a nutshell?  We live in the illusion that we are self-sufficient and in control and we are not!  Good Friday rips away the tattered disguise we live under and exposes us to the truth that left on our own we quite destructive – both personally and communally.  May we humble ourselves to our God who went to extraordinary and supernatural lengths to redeem the world and every one and thing in it.  I pray for a world wherein all people realize their limitations but more than that – their need for redemption.  Maybe then, we could begin to truly experience what Easter is all about.  It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming!

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