Open Gym




In addition to the online registration, the following form must  be signed by the child’s parent or guardian and be on file with St. Paul’s United Church of Christ before any child may attend Open Gym:



It is the responsibility of all participants in the Open Gym program to know, understand, and abide by the Rules and Regulations of Open Gym:



Field trips are conducted for kids with certain interests or for kids who have earned the privilege due to good behavior at Open Gym.  Parental permission is required for all children going on field trips.

Accidents or medical issues do occur.  Medical authorization is necessary for St. Paul’s staff and/or volunteers to see to the well being and treatment of your child.




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Our goal is to help our neighborhood families during this difficult time.  If schools end up closing again, we will make every effort to continue to offer a space for your children to come and do school work, eat, and blow off steam.

If your family has needs that are not getting met when it comes to school work or safe space to be, please let us know.  We are here to help.


To reach Kim Armstrong, Director of Youth and Outreach Ministries,

Call or text the Open Gym Phone: 812-454-5638

or email:


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St. Paul’s Open Gym


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What we offer at Open Gym:

  • Open gym play:  We play basketball, volleyball, kickball, indoor hockey, whiffle ball, 4 square, etc…
  • Homework help:  We have a media center/library where kids may do homework, work on projects, have internet access, and print.
  • Crafts/Activities:  We offer various types of crafts and activities such as BINGO, knitting, LEGOs, puzzles, games, etc…
  • Kitchen help/skills: We have a hot cooked snack every day we are open.  Kids may choose to help in the kitchen; learning cooking/kitchen skills.
  • Occasional field trips to local attractions:  As part of our reward system  kids may earn points by participating in special programs, homework help, and activities, working in the kitchen, showing kindness, being a good leader, helping clean up, etc…
  • Evansville Public Library’s Summer Reading Program:  Every summer, we take interested children to all the public libraries in town to participate in the reading program.
  • Access to college students who work with us in service learning projects:  We work with various University of Southern Indiana professors who have their students come to St. Paul’s to play and work with the kids attending Open Gym.
  • Health and Care Fairs:  About twice a year, we invite neighborhood families and children to come after Open Gym to have fun and learn about things like safety and health issues.  We also offer free hygiene items and hair cuts.


All volunteers must pass a national background check.  If you have a special talent that you would like to offer our children, we always welcome special projects as well as regular volunteers.