St. Paul’s Meeting Rooms

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ has several meeting rooms available for rental.  These rooms have capacity ranging from 10 to 144 people, and may be used for a variety of events.   Rental fees are based upon the size of the meeting room.  Additional fees may apply if the event or activity being held in the rented room is fund raising in nature.

To find out more information and to see the associated fees with room rentals as well as regulations for renting rooms at St. Paul’s, please view and/or download the following forms:




St. Paul’s United Church of Christ reserves to right to refuse rental to any individual or group if the purpose of the rental is determined to be inappropriate for the church environment, or if the purpose for the rental is not consistent with the beliefs, practices, and/or procedures of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ.  Scheduling preference will be given to St. Paul’s church events.