Children Worship & Wonder

Children Worship & Wonder is currently presented online only.

Children Worship & Wonder is a wonderful program for children age 4 up to the 2nd Grade.   Children hear Bible stories and learn about God while experiencing the presence of God.  Stories are told in a sensorimotor style which allows the children to enter the stories and form responses out of their own life experiences.  Children also learn the meaning of church traditions, and the children have the opportunity to participate in worship practices. 

Children begin worship with their families in the sanctuary during the Discovery Worship Service (11:00 AM on Sunday). Following the Children’s Message, the children are escorted to the Chapel (on the main level of the Educational Building) for Children Worship & Wonder.  This program has proven to be an effective way to teach kids about God as the kids are completely engaged in the process.

Adults in the congregation benefit as well when they serve as Greeters or Storytellers.  The adults get an opportunity to experience the power of the children’s spirituality, and in the process, the adults may find their own faith to be strengthened. 

Enjoy these recent Children Worship & Wonder videos!

We are always looking for adults to help out with the program.  If you would like to become a Greeter or a Storyteller, please contact either Pam Buschkill or Linda Hobbs.  Most of all, let your children be a part of this wonderful and special program!


St. Paul’s United Church of Christ would like to thank Jack Burgdorf and Bob Kraemer for their commitment to the children of St. Paul’s.  Bob and Jack have made many of the wooden figurines, objects, and other props used in the storytelling for Children Worship & Wonder.