Sunday Worship During COVID-19


For persons not comfortable with returning to on-site worship, St. Paul’s will continue to offer worship services online for the foreseeable future. The worship services may be viewed on either our YouTube or Facebook pages or through this website.


What to Expect at On-site Worship


Welcome back to worship at St. Paul’s!  In order to make the experience the safest possible for you and others, please follow these guidelines:


Arrival at St. Paul’s


    • Wear a face mask – this is required for entry
    • Enter only through north side gymnasium doors
    • Please observe distance markings on floor
    • Sign in at the Welcome Station
    • Your temperature will be taken
    • Ushers will assist you in finding a seat
    • Families may sit together
    • Please sit at least six feet away from people not in your group
    • The restrooms will be single person occupancy only
    • Child care will not be available


    The Worship Service


      • Music will be recorded and projected on video screens
      • Please do not sing along – you may hum if you wish
      • There will not be any “passing of the peace”
      • Offering plates will not be passed
      • An offering collection point will be at the entry door
      • For communion, the elements will be pre-packaged for you


      After the Worship Service


        • You will be dismissed by ushers and by rows
        • You will exit the gym through the south door into the hallway
        • Please do not shake hands or hug other attendees
        • If you wish to socialize, please do so in the parking lot


        If you need assistance with anything, please see either an usher or a person at the Welcome Station.