55+ Ministries

How We Came to Be…

In December 2018, a group of St. Paul’s Members met to discuss what might be done to best minister to people aged 55 and over. This age group has been largely neglected by many churches, including St. Paul’s. The group decided that not only were activities and programs needed, that barriers exist for this age group. Those barriers, mostly to do with transportation and communication, have to be addressed to make the ministry successful.

55+ Ministries has hosted several Bingo sessions for people of all ages.  Our last Bingo in December 2021 was our most successful Bingo to date!  We hope to resume Bingo again soon.

We hope to expand our offerings.  Future activities will be based upon building relationships, and many functions will have a mission component. Also, general monthly activities will help combat loneliness for those who have lost a spouse or other loved ones.

Some of the suggestions the group considered:

  • Day Trips
  • Pot Luck Get Togethers
  • Trivia Afternoons or Nights
  • Life Planning Information Sessions
  • Retirement Support Groups
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Volunteering as a group
  • Support for those who must or want to keep working
  • Mentoring younger people
  • Inviting people living in nursing facilities to activities

Some of the items will be ongoing, and some may occur occasionally.

To combat the barriers, we will work on the communication issue. We will also make transportation available to those people needing it. To arrange transportation for a scheduled 55+ Ministries activity, please call the church office at 812.425.1522.