Young Adult Ministry

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is working to develop a Young Adult Ministry. While we are in the early stages of the growth of this ministry, we recently had two community-oriented events for young adults.  Essentially, we are in the stage of discovery.  Our goal is to have a series of events to discover the needs, wants, and concerns of young adults in our community.


A Brief History of Our Young Adult Ministry:

St. Paul’s received a matching grant from the Center for Congregations to help us establish this important ministry for young adults.  As part of the process, St. Paul’s will work collaboratively with other congregations in Evansville and the State of Indiana to build the foundations of this ministry.  


Recently, a group from St. Paul’s went to Indianapolis for a workshop on engaging young adults through storytelling.  This video explains the work that was done at that event, and it relays the thoughts of some of the participants at the workshop.

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