Children and Youth Fellowship

The JAM Kids    Kindergarten through 5th Grade Fellowship

The JAM Kids (JAM stands for Jesus and Me) is for children Kindergarten through 5th grade. Activities may be held at the church or in the community. Dates and information about events are listed in the weekly Bulletin and the monthly Messenger newsletter. 

IMPACT   Middle School Youth Fellowship

IMPACT Youth Fellowship meets for fun, learning, and fellowship every month on the second and fourth Sunday immediately following the 11:00 Discovery Worship. After having lunch together, activities and lessons are presented based upon issues faced by pre-teens.

180 – Turn to Christ    High School Youth Fellowship

180 – Turn to Christ Youth Fellowship (formerly known as Senior High Youth Fellowship) meets every month on the first and third Sunday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  The group experiences various activities such as mini field trips, game nights, movies, or Bible studies.  All activities include material relevant to teens.

The  180 – Turn to Christ Mission Trip is a major component of the work and fellowship of this youth group.  To finance the trip, the youth raise money throughout the year by selling items, performing services, putting on shows, and by bombarding peoples’ homes with flocks of pink flamingos. 


For any field trip or special youth activity, parental permission is required.  Medical authorization is necessary as accidents and illnesses do occur.






For more information about

IMPACT Youth Fellowship    or    180 – Turn to Christ Youth Fellowship

please contact:

Kim Armstrong